computer service

Computer Service

Computer Service, we strive to provide business and home PC users in Coimbatore  with a more computer serviceservice oriented experience. All of our service professionals Certified. We provide onsite, house calls and off site service.

  • Fix problems encountered with all standard hardware and software for desktop, tower, laptop, notebook, and netbook.

  • We are experienced with all manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sony, IBM, ThinkPad, Vaio and others.

  • Perform the service and repair in your home or office.

  • Upgrade and repair laptop, desktop and tower computers.

  • Repair cracked, dim or flickering LCD screens for laptops and LCD monitors.

  • Update your operating system with fixes, drivers, and security updates.

  • Train you on how to operate your computers and keep them updated so you encounter fewer problems.

  • Provide hardware and software upgrade advice.

  • Provide the software to enable us to service your computers remotely.

  • Provide secure internet access through a LAN.

  • Provide secure and encrypted wireless networks.

  • Setup a business network with domain configured windows server environment.

  • Service your computers in privacy and confidentiality.

Here in Coimbatore Computer Service We undertake laptop screen replacements, adapter repair or replacement, battery replacement, hinge replacement, notebook keyboard replacement, motherboard component level repairs, RAM or hard disk upgrades, laptop keyboard & laptop screen replacements, inverter replacements, laptop overheating solutions, cleaning and servicing of laptops, linux installations, office applications installations, anti-virus solutions, wireless lan installations, accounts package like tally installation. PCs that hang whlie in use, overheating laptops, broken screens, dead adapters, broken hinges, os corruptions,  wifi  (wi-fi) issues, range issues are all resolved by our service engineers.